West Pharmaceutical expands Irish medical plant

West Pharmaceutical Services is expanding in Ireland and rebranding its contract manufacturing business, which had been known as Tech Group.

On 29 November, the company announced the completion of a 60,000-square-foot expansion of its contract manufacturing facility near Mulhuddart, in county Dublin.

The expansion is in response to medical device customer demand, especially in the area of diabetes, according to Exton-based West Pharmaceutical.

West also announced that the contract manufacturing business, formerly known as Tech Group, will now do business as “West.” West bought injection moulder Tech Group for $140m (€130m) in 2005.

West specializes in packaging and delivery systems for injectable drug administration, including plastic and rubber components.

West is also building a new pharmaceutical component manufacturing facility in Ireland.

West said the contract manufacturing business does injection moulding and assembly of medical devices including auto-injectors and continuous glucose monitoring systems.

“As the health care market becomes increasingly complex, West is advancing our core competencies in the development, manufacturing and final packaging of complex drug delivery systems and diagnostic devices for our customers,” said Karen Flynn, West’s senior vice president and chief commercial officer, in a news release.